Bratz | Study Abroad Dolls!


The Bratz just came back from all over the world! Cloe, Jade, Sasha, Yasmin and Raya each came home with new fashion trends and accessories from different cultures and each of the girls outfits are inspired by the the countries they’ve visited! The dolls from the Study Abroad Collection include:

  • Study Abroad Cloe to China
  • Study Abroad Jade to Russia
  • Study Abroad Sasha to UK
  • Study Abroad Yasmin to Brazil
  • Study Abroad Raya to Mexico



How adorable is Angel’s Chinese inspired fashion?! Great Wall of Fashion!
Cloe is back from China in an embroidered brocade jacket, graphic panda tee, denim skirt, patterned knee-high socks and killer heels. Her second outfit is a 2-piece patterned top and bottom combo.

Her accessories include:
– Ying-yang purse
– Earrings
– Gold tea set
– Fortune cookie key-ring
– Luggage with stickers to decorate
– Bratz lip brush




Kool Kat is definitely one of my favourites from this collection! I’m loving the crimps in her hair and her gorgeous makeup too!
Jade is back from Russia in an embroidered zip-up top with tasseled trim, red floral print boots, yellow pleather mini, and an all-over faux fur hat. Her second outfit is a 2-piece cami and pants combo with mixed patterns. Super stylin!

Her accessories include:
– Jewellery accessories
– Nesting dolls
– Fabergé egg key-ring
– Luggage with stickers to decorate
– Bratz lip brush





Bunny Boo looks so adorable with her UK inspired outfit! Sasha is back from Britain in a red-and-gold jacket, iconic tee, red plaid pleated skirt, black leggings, palace guard inspired hat and bright red boots with side zippers. Her second outfit is a 2-piece top and bottom combo of a Union Jack crop top and sparkling gold drawstring pants.

Her accessories include:
– Heart-shaped Union Jack Purse
– Telephone booth earrings
– Tea cup souvenir
– Jewellery
– Bunny Palace Guard key-ring
– Luggage with stickers to decorate
– Bratz lip brush





Pretty Princess is soakin it up in Brazil! Yasmin is back from Brazil in a colourful crop top, zip-up denim jacket with fringed sleeves, tropical satin skirt paired with sunny yellow sandals. Her second outfit is a 2-piece sporty top and bottom combo of a short-sleeve track jacket with gold zippers and blue draw-string soccer pants.

Her accessories include:
– Light pink shopper tote bag
– Turquoise headwrap
– Two-toned round sunnies
– Pineapple earrings
– Colourful bangle bracelets
– Pineapple key-ring
– Luggage with stickers to decorate
– Bratz lip brush




Sun Rayz would also have to be another one of my favourites! Did you know that Raya is actually a reintroduced character? I love the two braids in her hair! Raya is back from Mexico in a colourful ruffle top, brown faux leather bow belt, layered skirt, collared pink jacket paired with orange wedged-heels. Her second outfit is a 2-piece top and bottom combo of a patterned top, belt, and embroidered denim pants.

Her accessories include:
– Neon yellow weave-pattern tote bag
– Headband
– Earrings, a necklace and other jewellery
– Cactus
– Piñata key-ring
– Luggage with stickers to decorate
– Bratz lip brush


And there we have all the girls from the Study Abroad Collection! I am absolutely in love with the suitcases and how you can store all the accessories inside! I also love every cultural key ring and just everything in general! Jade and Raya are my faves for sure from this line, but I also love the other girls as well! The dolls retail for US $24.99 and are available in stores such as Target, Toys R Us, Walmart and even! Who was your fave doll from this collection? Be sure to comment down below letting me know! I hope you found this helpful and thank you so much for reading!

TheBratzPack ❤


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